Jefferson Carlisle


I started on my healing journey in 2002, when I was looking for a way to help myself heal from a variety of symptoms such as sleeplessness, signs of extreme toxicity, immune system issues, depression, and addictions all required healing.

I allowed myself to connect with knowing that these symptoms could be healed, and thus began my healing journey. It was at that time that I wanted to attend physical therapy school to learn more about the human body and to assist myself and others in the healing process. After I graduated, I found that not all ailments responded that well to conventional treatment.

I wanted to know more ways to assist the body and started to look more at alternative ways to heal. It was time to go to India to study, learn, and to receive ayurvedic treatments. I received a 4-month program for panchakarma treatments for the cleansing of the body, mind, and spirit.

I really enjoyed the various meditations that I learned as a way to release all the distracting thoughts from my mind and to help me to think more clearly. I learned many things, and even after I returned, I was able to continue the meditation and healing treatments I learned there. Still, it seemed as if some conditions were not addressed.

I had once again felt the need to learn energy work. A friend mentioned she knew of a healer, although she had never been to see him. I was on board. I had my first session and felt that I wanted to know more as a way to address my stiffness and ailments.

I signed up to take an Ataana Method Level 1 Class to be able to perform energy healing treatments on myself and others. After performing this on myself for some time, I felt that this was an effective way to address all aspects simultaneously and help bring deeper aspects to the surface so that they can also receive healing.

At times performing the energy work on myself was challenging as there are things there that perhaps I had not looked at. I realized the interconnectedness of all aspects including how my physical health was directly correlated with my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I also realized that I had spent many lifetimes in this universe and how these experiences are also relayed to me. Some of these experiences in these lives also need healing, and an effect of energy work is to transform experiences from all time so that I can be fully present.

After successfully performing energy work, I was able to take the Ataana method level 2 class and further my knowledge of energy healing to assist people, places, and the earth. I was then able to go to an Indian reservation for several years and saw this as a great opportunity to continue my healing work at such places as wounded knee and the Black Hills.

This was a very educational experience for me, and I was able to incorporate all aspects of the Ataana healing method to be able to work on the people and the land. I now do energy healing work in Nashville Tennessee as a certified Ataana Method teacher and practitioner in good standing, helping support people in creating new and higher levels of prosperity, love, and opportunities.

I also teach the techniques of the Ataana Method so that people can do the healing work on themselves and others on a daily basis. I can support you in balancing the energy field, releasing energy blockages, entity clearing, and releasing attachments. Also, traumatic experiences such as abuse and emotional and mental patterns can also receive healing and be released.

The Ataana Method is multidimensional, high-level healing that will help you transform all aspects of yourself and to manifest what is needed in your life. It is life-changing and eye-opening to see that these aspects that we thought we could not heal, can now be addressed. I am excited and grateful to be a part of the Ataana Method and offer you these services as I know I can support you in what you need to transform.


My Mission:

I strive to help you activate your healing potential, have you step into your purpose, and transform your well-being.