• Energy Healing Clinic – The third Saturday of every month at 2819 Columbine Place, Nashville Crystal Store, 1 to 5. Distance sessions available.
  • Bio Charger NG – Heal and activate the subtle energy body every Monday and Thursday at 2819 Columbine Place. At 6, 7 and 9 pm. Register by phone with Event Brite.
  • Rose Quartz and Crystal Meditation – Ataana guides a group meditations to apply crystals for self-healing. Every Tuesday at 804 Meridian St, East Nashville Crystal Store at 7pm.
  • 1 Ment Guided Meditation every Wed at 1:30 at 2819 Columbine Place.
  • The Healing Properties of Crystal and Gemstones Class. Every Friday at 7pm, 2819 Columbine Place.
  • Prosperity Healing Mantras – Activate your prosperity and abundance with these mantras available at the Nashville Crystal Store.
  • Book: Sacred Inner Dialogue – Available at the Nashville Crystal Store.
  • The Nashville Crystal Store, 2819 Columbine Place and Nashville Crystal Store East at 804 Meridian Street. Crystal and Gemstones for Healing and Activation.
  • You Tube – Ataana Healing Method, healing and support for all aspects including prosperity, love and oneness.
Triangular wooden crystal shelf with succulent plants foliage and wooden statue of Buddha