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What is the Ataana Method?

The Ataana Method is energy healing  that you can use to heal all aspects of you being, the Physical, Mental, Emotional Spiritual and Astral bodies are all considered. It includes Energy Work, Crystal Healing, Sacred Inner Dialogue, Prosperity Healing Mantras, Meditations, and Classes and Workshops so that you can do your own self-healing on yourself and others. The Ataana Method is multidimensional and enables you to heal many different levels and aspects of your being. It is high frequency and allows the transformation and release of unhealthy patterns, entities and trauma.  It can be made specific for the person receiving the healing to address anything that they are working on in their life. The Ataana Method helps you to address core aspects to attract higher levels of prosperity, health and happiness into your life then ever before.

What does the Ataana Method do?

The Ataana Method helps to balance and align the chakras bringing peace and deep relaxation. The more we do our self-healing hand positions and perform the mantras and meditations, the more will arise to the surface, also looking for healing. This will enable us to heal on deep levels becoming our best self, ready to access all of our talents and to step into us 2.0. The Ataana method creates alignment with all aspects of ourself, and can make us aware of higher levels of connection with all that is. The effects are profound, healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

What can we work on in an energy healing session?

  • Activating and balancing the energy field
  • Releasing unhealthy emotions
  • Releasing energy blockages
  • Clearing entities and attachments
  • Address the cause and symptom of illness
  • Healing relationships
  • Healing traumatic events
  • Promotes relaxation, decreases stress and tension
  • Increases energy, life force
  • Strengthens intuition
  • Accessing your talents, gifts and purpose
  • Attracting higher levels of prosperity
  • Manifesting what is needed and desired
Reiki master working with patient

What can I expect in an Ataana Method session?

On Arrival, The room has been prepared to be a safe space, so that anything that would like to receive healing will be supported in its transformation. Feel free to wear loose fitting clothes, something that will feel comfortable to sit and lay for an hour. Relaxing music will be played, the prosperity healing mantras, to help support the transformation. We will have a discussion of what is happening in your life, what you would like to create, and what requires healing.

You will lay on a padded massage table, pillows and bolsters will be used to feel most comfortable and completely relaxed. We will begin the session. During the session the arms will be moved and you may feel light touch at the head and the feet. There will be many modalities to work with during the session including energy healing for activation and balancing of the chakras and energy field, use of crystals and crystal consultation, Sacred Inner Dialogue, discussion of various topics- lifestyle changes, healing with nutrition, detoxification and others as needed. Session will be for 1 hour.

How does the Ataana Method feel?

Each individuals experience with the Ataana Method is unique. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed or lighter during and after a session. Many people experience insights into experience in life. Colors, feelngs of hot or cold, and bright images can also be experienced.

After a session, it can be important to drink plenty of water to detox from the physical and emotional toxins. Be kind to yourself and others allowing to process what is required. If needed give yourself extra rest and extra care for a few days. Observe your feelings, emotions and energy flow in the body and what is going on. Many clients experience heightened levels of clarity, intuition and observation of synchronicity in their lives.

I am experiencing many things on this journey of life, learning from others, books, healing experience, and these things can also help you on your journey.

  • Certified Practitioner and Teacher of the Ataana Method with 10 years experience.
  • Avid reader of all things nutrition and health related, helping others with health concerns.
  • I experienced significant detoxification in myself and others and I can help you to heal from physical and emotional toxins.
  • I was fortunate to help with the healing of indigenous cultures, the Sioux of Pine Ridge SD, in healing their lands of traumatic experience.
  • Studied Ayurvedic medicine how to conduct and assist in a Panchakarma 35 day treatment for detoxification.
  • I have conducted my own 58 day juice fast for the benefits of detoxification and internal cleansing, spiritual and emotional healing.
  • Lover of all things in the natural world, a genuine tree hugger, and a big believer in our ability to heal from anything, stepping into a healthy balance.

The Ataana Method is multidimensional, high-level healing that will help you transform all aspects of yourself and to manifest what is needed in your life. It is life-changing and eye-opening to see that these aspects that we thought we could not heal, can now be addressed. I am excited and grateful to be a part of the Ataana Method and offer you these services as I know I can support you in what you need to transform.


My Mission:

I strive to help you activate your healing potential, have you step into your purpose, and transform your well-being.