"Dear friends, Jeff is a wonderfully talented healer and practitioner of healing Light. I have had the joy and honor of receiving beautiful, magnetic and magical shifts after working with Jeff. I found that my emotional and mental bodies were clearer, more aligned and freer of past negativity. The world appeared clearer and more vibrant in the days following my healing session.

Additionally, I believe that the work conducted with Jeff as a guide helped me manifest physical resources within two days of the healing. I feel very blessed and very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have received this grace. I would highly recommend this work to all friends, family, and fellow seekers interested in receiving healing.

The Ataana method is multifaceted, and positively uplevels the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Best of luck to all in your future healing, and thank you, Jeff, for the positive shifts you have helped co-create."

With sincere thanks,


"Jeff is sincere and generous and creates a calm and professional environment. I have found that working with Jeff has led to positive growth, where other forms of medicine were helpful but incomplete. I feel energy healing will only become more known and accepted by popular culture and the scientific community, as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness have. I found the right person with Jeff."


“Jeff is such an enlightened human being. His understanding of energy healing is on point and the angelic guidance is always part of what he does. He has helped me clear and release blockages, to heal from painful relationships and to feel lighter. He helped me with healing from surgery and chronic ailments. Jeff helped open my heart with confidence to write out and to say what I want to manifest in my life.

Jeff’s skills of being an energy healer don’t end in sessions. I shared with him some things that were happening at my home and with me. He came out to do a house clearing/cleansing. In the past 6 years, I’ve experienced some strange events in and around my home from orbs, lights, uap’s and intrusive visits in my dreams. Since Jeff’s house clearing, all the things of the past 6 years have stopped with the exception of a few orbs outside. I’m so very thankful he came out and did this service."

Jeff has such a sweet and kind soul. Very happy to have the help of a knowledgeable intuitive energy healer."