The hands of a man holding a large, light quartz crystal seems powerful .

With the Ataana Method you will always get the highest frequency that will help you to transform heavier energies, entities and unhealthy patterns.

With the Ataana Method the practitioner has to consistently be in good standing and is always in alignment with what is best for his/her own evolution and with the evolution of others. The Ataana Method is specific for what you are working on, if it be a new career, healthy relationships or emotional healing, helping to bring in the exact situation and opportunity that you need to manifest. There are many tools to the Ataana Method. I was surprised when the many things that I went through as a student could all be addressed effectively and safely with the Ataana Method.

How much is a session?

One session in $80 and is one hour in length but can occasionally be 1.5 hours. There are also packages available for creating major shifts in life, or going through significant life events and would like more support and priced at varying rates. Payment is available by check, cash or card at time of service.

“Let me know how I can support you to be the best version of yourself. “